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Tianjin Zhongbei Harbor Engineering Construction Supervision Company Limited (ZBSC) , established in 1989 by First Harbor Consultants Company Limited, was one of the first five companies accredited by The Ministry of Transportation for Class A qualification in supervision on waterway construction works in 1996. ZBSC was certified of ISO quality management system in 2001 for the first time and again certified of quality, environment and occupational health and safety management systems in 2007.

As a wholly owned subsidiary to the First Harbor Consultants Co Ltd, ZBSC possesses independent corporate status. The company’s scope of business includes supervisions on waterway construction works. The company has a total number of about 200 employees. The technical staff of the company are composed of engineers qualified in the fields of port and channel engineering, civil work engineering, road & yard, water works, heating and ventilation, electrical engineering, automation, handling machinery, engineering geology, geotechnical works, engineering survey, testing and measurement, technical economy, safety, security and environment protection, construction project management and etc. Among the engineers, about 50 persons are senior engineers and about 100 persons are supervisory engineers certified by the Ministry of Construction or Ministry of Transportation.  

The company has, since its founding, undertaken supervisory works for more than 300 projects of port or coastal engineering and dozens of consultancy works, both in China and in the world. It has working experiences in Tianjin, Shanghai, Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Anhui in China, and Myanmar, Pakistan, Mauritania, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Peru in the world. In the past two decades, the company has won an excellent reputation through thorough and satisfactory services, faithful and scientific attitude, and innovative and creative working style. ZBSC is the first supervisory company in the waterway construction field that has stepped out of China and undertaken international projects. For the past consecutive 8 years, ZBSC has been four times awarded the appellation of National Excellent Supervisory Company in Transportation Construction. In 2007, the company was awarded the May Labour Prize by the Government of Tianjin City. For its work in supervision on construction of Gwadar Port in Pakistan, the company has been given the appellation of Advanced Unit in the Foreign Aid Front by the Ministry of Commerce. Many construction works completed under the supervision of ZBSC have won prizes for excellent work qualities, including National Gold Prize for Excellent Work Quality for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Projects of Regulation of Channel at Estuary of Yangtze River, National Silver Prize for Excellent Work Quality for Phase 1 Project of Yangshan Deep Water Port at Shanghai International Shipping Center, Zhan Tianyou Grand Prizes for Phase 3 Coal Terminal at Qianwan Harbour of Qingdao Port and Phase 2 Project of Yangshan Deep Water Port at Shanghai International Shipping Center.

The preparation of the Standard of Supervision on Construction of Waterway Works, which came into effect in April 2001, was entrusted by the Ministry of Transportation to the First Harbor Consultants Company Ltd as the Chief Editor. The writing of the entire standard had been completed by the senior engineers from ZBSC.

ZBSC is striving for creating a competitive and leading company that provides hi-tech services in the field waterway construction management, and will faithfully continue providing first class services to our clients.


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