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FHC holds a number of canticles of qualification in engineering issued by venous authorities such as: Ministry of Construction:Integrated Engineedng Design Qualification Class A National Committee of Development and Reform:Engineedng Consultancy Qualification C~ess A: Quality and Technique Supervision Bureau of Tianjin Municipality。Class 1 Qualification for designofpressurized pipelines FHC provides services of planning.consultancy.projeot proposal.feasibility study.project application report.project evaluation and engineering design in 21 sectors including offshore engineering,waterway transportation.highway,railway.building.military WOrkS.power supply and etc

The consultancy and design works are mainly undertaken by the Integrated Design Department. the Coast Design Department and Overseas Design Depar'~ent that are directly under the company.The involved 31 disciplines cover port layout.oceanography/meteorology+topography. sediment movement marine structure,handling machinery,power suppl"ighting.water supply and,road/ya rd. architecture.c~vil structure.economy.costing.petmreum storage and transportation,fire contr01. environment protection.and etc

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